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best wedding officiant speech

Best Wedding Officiant Speech – Samples

Wedding Officiant Speech is most important in any wedding. Officiant speech is the blessing to a couple for a brighter and prosperous future. No wedding can be completed without a Wedding Officiant. Here are some of the handpicked speech samples that can help an officiant in getting his speech ready for the wedding day.

Officiant’s Speech 1

I want to ask this beautiful couple to pause for a moment now your wedding day is one that seems to fly by, It is a day filled with emotion friends rings dances many people here. I want you to take a few seconds just to look into each other’s eyes think about the happiness that you’re feeling in this place in this moment and so let us begin, We have come here today to witness a unique and special moment in the lives of ______(Bridegroom’s name) and ______(Bride’s name). This is the day, They have chosen to share with the world their love their hopes their dreams and commitment for all time ladies and gentlemen will you please rise. —-(Pause)—- I pronounce you forever husband and wife I present to all here Mr. and Mrs. _______ congratulations you may now kiss the bride.

Best Wedding Officiant Speech sample

Officiant’s Speech 2

We’ve gathered today to celebrate one of the happiest moments in the lives of _____(Bride’s name) and _____(Bridegroom’s name), For on this day they will become one in the eyes of God and man. _____(Bride’s name) and _____(Bridegroom’s name) makes each other, your love will work stronger and richer as cherish your love each and every day that it may serve as a foundation for out your future challenges and tools. It is obvious by your presence here today that they have touched all of our lives, Ladies and Gentlemen is my happy privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs. ______.

Officiant’s Speech 3

God was at work in both your childhoods and your teens then into your young adulthood shaping your lives so that when in his time, He would cause your lives to intersect you would find each other the way he planned and purposed to know that God interrupted an entire college program just to get you two together on the same campus and swim team is a miracle now with joy and love. I Pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. ______.

marriage officiant speech

Officiant’s Speech 4

Gracious Father, There are no mistakes in your planning and in your divine powers, you have brought them together to begin this moment to live a life with each other and now we just pray father, The one who knows the future so we just simply place them in your hands ask your blessing your watch care and your protection over there and then we just pray, Father a few of our children and protect them from this day forward may the love of God and the grace of our Lord Jesus abide upon you from this day forth and forevermore Amen.

Officiant Speech 5

May we stand instead of the ancient tradition of marriage that, When you say your vows, When you give and receive rings something happened that has not happened if you said that your hearts begin to dance together in a new way your souls intertwine. In a way, you just haven’t yet known the ceremony doesn’t take that long but it’s like a pebble dropped in the palm of your life and what’s about to happen right here these next few moments will ripple out and touch everything else a moment of silence let these vows sink in and the magic begins and so, therefore, the authority vested in me by the state of _______(state name), I now pronounce that you are Husband and Wife.

best wedding officiant speech

Officiant Speech 6

Wedding is a big deal, that as we pray backstage the marriage is the biggest deal of all so today is the beginning of something that’s going to last an entire lifetime. ______(Bridegroom’s name), You finally found the love of your life, Take her back home and The two of you are gonna have an amazing life together. It is my great honor and my great pleasure by the power vested in me. I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride, Ladies and Gentlemen may I be the first person to officially present to you, Mr. and Mrs. ______.

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