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Best Man Speeches Handpicked: Ideas, Templates, Examples

The best man speech is one of the most anticipated speeches of a wedding ceremony. The best man shares his experience of friendship, the journey, and the growth of their friendship. A best man knows the person inside out and has to share experiences that show the personality, nature, and characteristics of his best friend. We bought some of the samples of best man speeches.

Speech 1

Anybody who grew up with________(Bridegroom’s Name) knows that he’s had this unbridled potential smartest kid you ever meet you know just had everything but he was always missing something like that little motivation I look back now and I feel like he pulled the wool over our eyes he wasn’t missing something he was missing someone and that someone was ________(Bride’s Name). and now you look at ________(Bridegroom’s Name) he’s got the whole world I mean he’s just such a great person and he will stand by you and love to end of your days because God knows for 25 years he’s been there for me I know he will be there.

Speech 2

You are precious to him and more than anything in the world and things may break but you’re not a thing and hold out I wrote this better ________(Bride’s Name) makes ________(Bridegroom’s Name) a better man and how she is more precious to him than anything in the world because things are always breakable and true friendship and selfless love is not.


Speech 3

________(Bridegroom’s Name) is one of the most loyal and dedicated friends anyone could ask for there have been some rough patches in my life where he was there for me not just a hey how are you doing kind of guy but taking time out of his days and calling me numerous times just to make sure I was doing okay the reason I’m saying this is because ________(Bride’s Name) if this is how he is just with a friend I couldn’t imagine how he would be as a husband.

Speech 4

Most of you know me maybe you don’t I am ________(Bridegroom’s Name)’s best friend and much taller nobody could possibly stand the whole ground and hawed it to be able to represent ________(Bridegroom’s Name) today the boy lay in this day ________(Bride’s Name) take good care of ________(Bridegroom Name) and please make sure that you went and back to us every so often because despite his faults we kinda like him I had the privilege of meeting ________(Bride’s Name) through ________(Bridegroom’s Name) she’s a kind genuine person.

Speech 5

________(Bridegroom’s Name) I’ve looked up to you since the day I met you man and honestly I’m so happy I’ve never had a friend and I can’t imagine a better friend than this guy right here he’s awesome there’s something different about ________(Bridegroom’s Name) that day I can see in his eye he knew what he wished and he stepped forward for it and I knew it at that point you guys are gonna have a long and happy life today as we gather in this beautiful beach town where it all began I’d like everybody to raise the glass as we toast to our new bride and groom we wish to be the few of many best moments of your life may your Joy’s be as deep as the ocean as you travel the world together in search of the perfect wave.

Speech 6

________(Bride’s Name) changed directions of his life multiple times she living in different cities up and down the East Coast career changes and job title you’re ________(Bridegroom’s Name) biggest lifestyle cat you have nothing to worry about ________(Bridegroom’s Name) has been preparing for this day his whole life and I’m so happy just open this door with you.

Speech 7

Bring off the best thing every single person that you would ever meet and I really am thankful that I finally have like an amazing sister and a really good friend these two accentuate each other like look at it right ________(Bridegroom’s Name) will do anything to make something happy something that will do anything to make that. Everything that you’ve accomplished in your life already I’m so proud.

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